Cyclone Dust Collectors

Donaldson Torit Cyclone Dust Collectors

Donaldson Torit Cyclone Dust Collector

Cyclone dust collectors use centrifugal force to remove particulate from the airstream and are ideal for many high dust loading applications.

Donaldson Torit Cyclone dust collectors are typically used to collect coarse or large particles produced in high dust loading applications, such as woodworking or machining. They are also used for product recovery of fine dusts, like powdered paint.

Donaldson Torit Cyclone Collectors Offer an Economical Dust Collection Solution

An economical solution to a wide range of dust collection problems, Cyclone collectors are excellent for high dust load, high temperature, and product recovery applications. They can be used alone, with optional filter bag assembly, or as a pre-cleaner. They are suitable for applications from 300 to 13,000 cfm. In addition, their heavy-duty construction assures long life and low maintenance. Meets seismic zone 4 and 100 mph wind load ratings. Donaldson Torit Cyclone collectors also feature removable cone section for easy replacement.

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