Downflo® DFO Cartridge Dust Collectors

Downflo® DFO Cartridge Dust Collectors

Donaldson Torit Downflo Dust Collector

These compact units use high efficiency oval-shaped cartridge filters and are especially well-suited for filtering sub-micron dust.

Our Downflo® DFO Dust Collector Sets the Standard

The Donaldson Torit Downflo® Oval (DFO) cartridge dust and fume collector sets the standard for industrial dust collection by providing a 25% increase in airflow capacity, improved airflow path, and a 29% increase in pulse cleaning pressure. Ideal for filtering sub-micron dust, there are 26 Downflo Oval cartridge dust collector models including 3 self-contained, “plug and play” units: DFO 1-1, DFO 2-2, and DFO 3-3.

Powered by patented Ultra-Web® nanofiber filtration technology, DFO delivers cleaner air, up to two times longer filter life, and greater cost savings. The DFO advantage is found in the collector’s patented design and components. The combination of a new cabinet design that greatly lowers cabinet velocities, patented Extra-Life™ cleaning technology, and Ultra-Web nanofiber filters allows more airflow through the collector without increasing the size of the footprint or damaging the filters. A smaller collector helps lower the initial purchase price, reduces filter replacement costs and opens up valuable manufacturing floor space.

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