Dust Collection System Balancing

Extend filter life. Conserve energy. Save money.

Airflow Analysis and System Balancing

Let Environmental Systems balance your dust collection system to optimize airflow and process performance. Over time, airflow within your dust collection system can change. These changes can be exacerbated by clogged filters and even the weather.

System balancing is the process of achieving ideal airflow, so your system velocity matches the range required for the particulates being collected. If your system velocity is too high, filter life is often decreased, while ductwork erosion is accelerated. A system velocity that's too high also wastes energy. On the other hand, if system velocity is too low, dust and other particulates can escape the system or drop off and begin to build-up on the ductwork, posing a risk to either worker safety or system performance.

Digital Airflow ControllerFor dust collectors using fans that run at a fixed speed, system balancing is performed by analyzing each pick-up point in the ventilation system and adjusting the dampers to increase or decrease resistance until airflow is optimized. This process can also be automated through the installation of a digital airflow control system with a variable frequency drive (VFD) that monitors the status of your dust collection ventilation system and automatically adjusts airflow as conditions in the system change.

An Airflow Analysis Test from Environmental Solutions can determine if your dust collection system is operating at peak efficiency. In addition after our expert staff perform this test, they can balance your system if warranted. We would also be happy to discuss the costs and benefits of adding a digital controller with a VFD to your system. To learn all of the ways Environmental Solutions can help you optimize your dust collection system airflow, just submit our contact form online or...

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