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Fire Damaged Dust Collector?

Fire Damaged Dust Collector - in PlantCall Environmental Solutions, the dust collection professionals, for a fire damage assessment. We'll work with you and your insurance company to evaluate your options and get you operational again as quickly as possible, whether that entails repair or replacement. We have extensive experience rebuilding fire damaged dust collectors and maintain a large inventory of replacement parts. Or, we can install a replacement unit that will match your current space and installation constraints, if required.

This process begins with a determination of the reason behind the fire and the extent of the damage to the dust collector. Our experts will inspect and evaluate your unit on-site. If the fire resulted from material or debris collected in the hopper and the damage was contained quickly enough, it may only require repair and replacement of damaged parts to restore your unit to full operation.

However, if the fire damage is more extensive, a replacement unit may be a more cost-effective solution. For example, did the fan blower or impeller, or any electrical components sustain damage? In addition, even if major components appear to have escaped damage, there may be issues with the electrical wiring, pulse cleaning valves, gauges or other sensors, and those will need to be replaced. Another area of concern is the connecting duct which may have heat warping or other damage that will prevent a good seal. Our expert technicians will closely inspect all of these areas, as well as silencers or other after-filter components, in assessing your fire damaged unit.

Finally, in making any assessment and recommendation for either repair or replacement, Environmental Solutions will take current fire code and safety regulations into consideration to assure ongoing compliance with all regulations, including any National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes, that apply to your installation. We also offer a range of effective fire, spark and explosion safety components that are designed to minimize any future fire damage risk. This is especially important for facilities that produce combustible dust.

So if you have a fire damaged dust collector, call Environmental Solutions today to learn more about a fire damage assessment or just submit our contact form online.

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