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US Duct Spark Trap - The Industrial Spark Arrestor

The industry needed a simple and cost-effective means of reducing sparks from grinding, welding, and cutting applications so as to protect the worker as well as the existing dust collection system. Many industrial dust collectors have caught on fire over the years due to the absence of some kind of method of reducing the sparks. Many times, protection was left off due to cost - very few ductwork suppliers have the ability to handle both design and fabrication work in-house, and the typically high price of spark coolers reflected this.

All Spark Traps Are Not Created Equal!
Introducing US Duct's Patented Spark Trap Technology!

As a design group and experienced sheet metal fabricator, US Duct is able to provide spark traps of the highest quality at a price that the vast majority of ductwork suppliers cannot match. By combining our understanding of dust collection and air dynamics with our in-house fabrication, US Duct retains build and performance quality while simultaneously passing along the price savings to our customers. The result is a patented spark trap that works and is highly cost-effective.

All spark traps aren’t created equal. Looking inside, the problem with most spark traps is they simply swirl the air. Many forget that the ember travels with the air, with a relative velocity of zero.

Custom ConeWell, that isn’t a problem anymore with US Duct’s spark trap. Its patented technology “tumbles” the ember though a “Tortuous Path” forcing contact with more oxygen, and allowing more time for the spark to burn out. Because of the custom cone and the outlet inset design, our spark trap effectively eliminates sparks before they can exit the trap and thus, it can be installed right at the dust collector, adding convenience and eliminating distance requirements!

Spark Trap Process - Air and Spark Flow

How US Duct's Spark Trap Works...

US Duct Spark ArrestorProtect Your Workers and Dust Collection System from Sparks

Reduce sparks from grinding, welding, and cutting applications.
  • Proven spark mitigation
  • Greatly reduced damage to filter media
  • Minimal pressure drop
  • Zero footprint/space requirement
  • Works in a vertical or horizontal position
  • No secondary dust accumulation point
  • No distance installation requirements (can be placed at the collector)

Download the US Duct Spark Trap Spec Sheet in PDF format.

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