Spark Detection and Extinguishing Systems

Spark Detection and Extinguishing Systems

Dust Collector Spark Detection

All-in-one spark detection and fire suppression for dust collection systems

In the presence of combustible dust, all it takes for an explosion or fire to occur is a single spark. That's why Environmental Solutions offers the EcoMAXX™ Spark Detection and Extinguishing System from Boss Products. With EcoMAXX™, you can achieve total protection of your facility and avoid the risks of property damage, production delays, and fatal injury from fire or an explosion.

Boss Products engineers National Fire Protection (NFPA), Factory Mutual (FM) approved spark detection and extinguishing systems for industrial dust collector systems. EcoMAXX™ systems respond quickly to sparks as small as 1mm, provide control of up to five zones at once, and can be integrated into your new or existing dust collection equipment by Environmental Solutions.

Confidently meet standards and provide protection

  • Part of the complete Boss Products dust collection fire and explosion protection system
  • 40 millisecond response time
  • Detects sparks as small as 1 millimeter
  • Flexible configuration for gates, suppression, and alarms
  • Integration with existing building systems

The EcoMAXX™ Spark Detection and Extinguishing System is designed for containment of dust at factories, production facilities, and workshops that make use of wood, textiles, animal products, and other flammable materials. Systems employ auditory and visual alarms that activate within 40 milliseconds of spark detection, as well as both optical and infrared light-sensitive technology for the highest possible rates of response. Control modules ensure integrated fire and explosion protection in multiple ducts, from a single location. The system connects with EcoMAXX™ FireBreak shutter and high-speed abort gate components for rapid, ultimate protection against dust fire and explosions.

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Customized Solutions

Let Environmental Solutions, The Dust Collection Pros, customize a fire and explosion protection solution for your organization. Here are just two examples...

In-line Spark Traps
In-line spark traps integrated into dust collection ductwork.

Flameless explosion panel and an in-line isolation gate
Flameless explosion panel and an in-line isolation gate.

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