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Dust Collector Filter Changes Change-outs Service

Filter Bag and Cartridge Changeouts

Changing dust collection filter bags or cartridges on a regular basis is essential to maintain and prolong the life of your dust collection system, as well as conform to environmental and safety regulations. At Environmental Systems, we offer a 100% turnkey program in Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa for filter changeouts for all types of dust collectors.


Filter Bag or Cartridge ChangeoutsThis process typically begins with an initial inspection of your system to evaluate the frequency of filter bag or cartridge changeouts required. As part of this analysis, we'll take into consideration the size and type of dust collector, type of dust and particulate matter being collected, air flow, temperature, moisture, contaminants, corrosive elements (if present), and other factors including air quality and safety regulations that govern your business and industry. Dust collector filter bag or cartridge changeouts can be performed alone on a predetermined schedule or as part of a more comprehensive preventative maintenance program. Emergency service is also available. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Environmental Solutions has the experience and expertise you can depend on for safe, timely and efficient filter changeouts. Plus, all of our technicians are MSHA and OSHA 10 safety-trained and certified.

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