PowerCore® Dust Collectors

Donaldson Torit PowerCore Dust Collectors

Introducing smarter, smaller dust collectors from Donaldson Torit. It’s a breakthrough in technology like nothing you’ve seen in 30 years of dust collection.

On every measurable scale, Torit PowerCore® dust collectors outperform traditional baghouse and cartridge collectors and do so in less space. Choose from three different designs:

Torit PowerCore® CP Series
Extremely small but powerful CP Series collectors handle high airflow, high grain loading, and challenging particulate. Plus, they fit into the smallest places.

Torit PowerCore® TG Series
The TG Series is reshaping the future of dust and fume collection technology - offering you a new way to get cleaner air in welding, laser and plasma cutting, and thermal spray applications.

Consider these important PowerCore® benefits...

Smaller Footprint
Up to 70% smaller, so it clears space for other equipment

Lower clearance height fits in more low headroom applications and reduces transportation costs.

More Durable
Each PowerCore dust collector is built to the demanding standards you expect from Donaldson Torit. Plus, it's backed by a 10-year warranty.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Fewer filters. Less downtime. Lower shipping costs. It all adds up to major cost savings over the life of the collector.

Easy Filter Replacement
Changing filters requires no special tools or entering confined spaces, and downtime is held to a minimum.

Fewer Filters
genuine Donaldson Torit PowerCore Filter PackPowerCore filter packs save you money with every filter change. For example, one VH Series PowerCore filter pack replaces up to twenty 8' bag filters or three cartridge filters!

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PowerCore VH Dust Collectors

PowerCore VH Series

Mining: Crushing, Classifying, Screening, Material Handling, Blending, Mixing

Metal: Grinding, Blasting

PowerCore TG and CP Dust Collectors

PowerCore TG Series (Left)

Welding, Thermal Spray, Laser Cutting, Plasma Cutting

PowerCore CP Series (Right)

Grain, Wood, Cement, Plastics, Chemicals